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Bellatria Musica

...dabbler extraordinaire.

31 October
About me: I'm a relatively solitary Slytherin, but also quite friendly and willing to talk about just about anything. If I've dabbled in it, I love discussing it; if I haven't, I'd love to learn about it. Don't hesitate to message me; chances are, we have something in common. Leave me a comment with a quick "who I am/how I got here" and I'll likely add you.

As a Harry Potter fan--particularly of the Hogwarts professors, and especially Severus Snape--I tend to ramble far too often, and enjoy writing silly fanfiction on fanfiction.net, as well as make a bit of fanart (found here and on my deviantArt) when I have the time.

As a fan of life in general--I tend to ramble about everything else. :)

Fanfic100 chart here: Minerva McGonagall/Severus Snape. It's an unusual pairing. You've been warned. ;)

Fanfiction.net: Here

Tumblr: I'm adorkabled.

101 Missions List: Here

DeviantArt: Here

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